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Masjid Guidelines

The Masjid Loves each and every single community member — these guidelines will help us ensure we

maintain a safe, collaborative, & welcoming environment! 

General policies:

  • Please refrain from speaking loudly and/or using foul language around the premise of the Masjid.

  • During prayers, no conversation of any kind is allowed inside or around the praying area.

  • No food or drink is allowed inside the prayer area.

  • No shoes are allowed inside the prayer area. All shoes must be placed on the shoeracks.


  • Parking is for Masjid use only

  • Please ensure you park properly in designated parking spots.

Dress Code:

  • Men Dress

    • Wearing shorts above the knee, sleeveless shirts, and/or t-shirts with haram/disrespectful pictures is prohibited inside the prayer area.

  • Ladies Dress

    • Clothing covering the entire body and a scarf covering the hair is required inside the prayer area.

  • Everyone is encouraged to abide by the dress code outside of the prayer area as well.

Friday Prayer:

  • The Friday prayer consists of two uninterrupted sermons followed by a prayer. Please refrain from speaking during the sermon or the prayer.

Overnight stay:

  • Overnight stay outside the month of Ramadan is not allowed unless special permission is given from the Masjid. Please see the overnight stay guidelines below on how to request permission.

  • During Ramadan, overnight stay (Tahajjud or itikaf) is usually permitted without special permission.

Talks and Speeches:

  • No one is permitted to give a talk, speech, lecture, or host an event in the prayer area unless approved by the Masjid, in consultation with Honorable Imam Noor Uddin is required.

Bathroom Cleanliness:

  • Make sure to keep it as clean as possible.

  • Turn off the lights after use.

  • Please do not waste water or other resources including paper towels.


  • Please do not drop off Donations outside the Masjid entrance.

  • All book donations need approval by the Masjid before being added to the Masjid library or any of the bookshelves.


  • Currently, there is no commercial advertisement allowed on the Masjid screen.

Announcements and Flyers:

  • Announcements may only be made by specific members or those approved by the Masjid.

  • A written request to the Masjid email 48 hours prior is required for any Friday announcements.

  • Any flier or handouts have to be approved by the Masjid prior to distribution.


Jummah External Speech/Fundraising:

  • At this moment in time, the Masjid currently does not allow any external organization to perform our Friday prayers, rare exceptions may be made and in those cases, written consent must be received from Masjid Bilal ( — written consent can only be received via email. 


  • Any visitor is permitted to witness the prayer either from the main lobby or inside the prayer area.

  • We strongly encourage any visitors to abide by the dress code of the Masjid mentioned above 

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